Essay Editing

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You will have to compose a lot of essays during your university studies. Each one is an opportunity to highlight your insights and the research you’ve done. But your writing needs to be straightforward, succinct, and error-free to ensure you get the marks you deserve. And that’s when it comes to our essay proofreading program.

Our team of competent proofreaders has helped improve their scholarly writing for thousands of students. And we are perfectly prepared to help you prepare a first-rate essay with our vast editing expertise.

One of our expert essay proofreaders, when you submit a paper, will:

Ensure proper punctuation, pronunciation and grammar
In order to ensure your writing reads easily, refine the sentence structure
Highlight any contradictions or text that is ambiguous
Make sure your language and sound are sufficiently scholarly.
Flag problems with references or citations
We will have two copies of your edited essay after this:

A ‘Clean’ copy in the original file format

An MS Word Track Changes copy
To check any edit we make, you can use this Track Changes copy, so you are still in charge of the final draft. And if Monitor Changes is not enabled by your preferred file format, we’ll adjust our method to match it.

If you are writing an article for college, when we proofread your paper, we will always follow academic plagiarism guidelines. This preserves your intellectual reputation, enabling you to confidently apply your work.

However for non-student articles, we still provide a full editing service, so we can still be able to assist if you have an article that needs further practice. Only let us know the situation you are in and we will see what we can do.