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With our professional English proofreading and editing, make sure your writing is the best it can be.

About English Proofreading

English Proofreading is a specialist editing and proofreading firm providing scholarly, book and industry authors a variety of services.

English Proofreading is designed to balance affordability with quality editing and proofreading. We recruit skilled editors and provide an effective and scalable, entirely online service. You will learn further about our company's two main attributes that make us a perfect value proposition.

What we Offer

Proofreading Services

Our services of proofreading polish your prose. This means correcting all mistakes in pronunciation, spelling , and punctuation, although for continuity and accuracy, it often covers small improvements. Furthermore, we leave comments marking where further changes might be required.

Fantastic Formatting

From fonts and web templates to content pages and tables of numbers, our formatting services provide all. This means that the job still looks as fine as it reads. And we also format papers to your precise preferences, so you're still in full charge.

Editing Services

We'll optimize your writing with our editing services to ensure it has the best potential effect on readers. This can, in addition to proofreading, include the revision or restructuring of text passages. We are also pleased to tailor our editing to your demands.

Quality & Affordability

The capacity of English Proofreading to give outstanding value to authors is dependent on providing a qualified team of editors and an entirely online service. We also have quality management processes to help ensure consumers are happy each time they receive one of our services.


Expert Editors

Each service is customized uniquely to the form of author and text. However, we will support you since we are expertly trained to enhance any scholarly text, even though your writing does not come into one of these categories.

Next-Day Guarantee

For timelines, we understand. That is why we offer a guarantee for the following day for all proofreading for documents under 10,000 terms.

Highly Skilled Proofreaders

We pair the right proofreader with your writing. Our editors are both native and extremely skilled speakers of English, so you are still in great hands.

Affordable Rates

Our pricing is competitive and we never compromise on efficiency, so you can be assured that at reasonable rates you're having the best services.

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